Chapter Spotlight: Baruch College and University of California Los Angeles

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TAMID at Baruch College

Name: Michelle Bensadigh
University: Baruch College
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Management
Internship Company: Elevation Academy
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: My company has partnered together with Google to work on a cool project called the APPlicable Guidebook, which is basically a set of guidelines for companies to help make their mobile apps more accessible to different communities (like those with visual impairments or hand motor disabilities). They came up with these guidelines after hosting APPlicable sessions where several groups, consisting of a company, a software developer, and a visually impaired user, sat together to see what the company can do to make their app easier for such users. I had to review/edit the text and also interview companies that participated in the APPlicable sessions for the case studies (like Moovit and Ynet!). I’m happy to be helping out with this project and I’m learning a lot along the way!!
                                                                           Fun Fact: I love dessert ???


Name: Daniel Jonas
University: Baruch College
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): (+Mathematical Engineering and New York City Studies)
Internship Company: Comeet
Internship Role: Customer Success Manager
Awesome Experience: Comeet is an applicant tracking system company, ATS for short. This ATS is a software as a service which many companies use such as gettaxi and Soda Stream. There are only 6 full time employees, many of whom have a thick Hebrew accent. Comeet is trying to penetrate the American market, but it is hard for them given their mother tongue. Comeet has entrusted me to carry out all of their marketing, business development and sales in America. This is an experience that is second to none, one that no rising sophomore would get in an internship in the U.S.
Fun Fact: I am training for a marathon.


Name: Zachary Okun
University: Baruch College
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Finance (+Economics)
Internship Company: Askourt
Internship Role: Financial Planner and Analyst
Awesome Experience: I had an amazing experience two weekends ago with TAMID. We traveled down south to a village near the Egyptian border called Nitzana. It was a beautiful place in the middle of the desert with amazing scenic views. The part I enjoyed the most was being able to disconnect from the busy world we live in and technology. It really allowed me to connect with myself and other Tamidniks.
Fun Fact: I love cheap thrills.

Elan Hollander
Name: Elan Hollander
University: Baruch College
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Finance (+Music Theory)
Internship Company: Flint Capital
Internship Role: Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: My internship was an incredible learning experience where I felt at the forefront of important decisions and was given a lot of freedom to attack projects however I saw fit. I felt at times that I was Mark Cuban in episodes of ‘Shark Tank’ drilling into some of the Israeli entrepreneurs only to uncover the core business strategy and void that his/her company would fill. I also am grateful I got to meet all the incredible TAMID fellows that I am certain will all be successful business leaders across all industries, and dear friends as well.
Fun Fact: I’m going abroad to Prague in the fall.


TAMID at University of California

Los Angeles

Name: Kelly Yip
University: UCLA
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Business Economics (+Statistics)
Internship Company: Thomson Reuters
Internship Role: Sales Intern in the Finance and Risk Department
Awesome Experience: As a complete outsider to Israel and Judaism, this opportunity of a lifetime has been intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Despite having a weak “Jewish geography” game, I’ve been able to connect with such motivated and well-rounded individuals from all backgrounds. My best experience so far is visiting the Western Wall, Jerusalem during Shabbat and witnessing the power of religion in unifying strangers together. On one side of the wall, we have the Jews singing and dancing while on the other side of the wall we have the Muslims praying for Ramadan. I would like to thank my boss Gil Ben-Yehuda for acting as a mentor to me and integrating me with the rest of the staff. As I leave Tel Aviv, I am not only eager to bring back my perspectives to further develop TAMID at UCLA but also, am reassured that I can count on a strong alumni network of TAMID fellows to support each other as we collectively strive to become future business leaders.
Fun Fact: At Thomson Reuters, we have complimentary yoga sessions each week! #highlightofwork

Name: Ariel Kohan
University: UCLA
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Business Economics (+Entrepreneurship)
Internship Company: Screemo
Internship Role: Finance/Design Intern
Awesome Experience: I have been lucky enough to help this growing startup and directly influence their growth plans for the next 5 years. Screemo really values intern input and an American viewpoint on their transformative advertising technology. Watching a thriving Israeli CEO at work on a daily basis has taught me things I would never see in a classroom setting, and cannot wait to implement in my own startups.
Fun Fact: I was named after the original The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen.


Name: Josephine Tehrani
University: UCLA
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Communication (+Music Industry)
Internship Company: Joy Records
Internship Role: Singer-Songwriter/Artist Management/Promotion
Awesome Experience: My internship has thoroughly surpassed my expectations! I came in with only the understanding that I would be learning how to promote artists and that I’d be able to showcase my abilities as an artist. However, it has been so much more. The label I work for, Joy Records, is also in partnership with 2Night Booking (artist booking), Alpha Music (curated music station), 1FM Radio (radio station) and Levi & Suiss (Producer/ DJ duo). This has given me the opportunity to see the various facets of the music industry and how they flow together. I am also in the process of working on several songs and writing for other artists as well. Just yesterday I was in the studio writing with Solo Lucci, a rapper who has written for Chris Brown among other artists. My boss, DJ/ producer and former high-tech CEO, Shlomi Levi is an exceptional mentor who meticulously breaks down the process of being an artist which many don’t realize is another form of entrepreneurship. I’m blessed for this opportunity and beyond thankful to TAMID for allowing me to show a different side of startups, entrepreneurship and innovation. I can’t wait to go home and expand TAMID into the arts.
Fun Fact: I speak Farsi!