Fellowship (Internship) FAQ


What dates will the interns be working with me?

Interns will work from June 16 to August 1, 2024, adhering to a schedule of Sunday to Thursday, 8 hours per day. A program calendar outlining any potential schedule alterations due to trips or events will be provided.

What are the expectations of the TAMID host companies?
  • Onboarding: Allocate substantial resources for a comprehensive orientation, providing access to work systems and tools.
  • Projects and Tasks: Entrust interns with meaningful assignments aligning with their tenure, aiming for 2-3 deliverables by summer’s end.
  • Management: Assign a designated staff member for effective mentorship and oversight.
  • Weekly Check-In: Weekly meetings to review assignments and monitor progress.
  • Monthly Reviews: Provide feedback on performance.
  • Workspace: Assign a dedicated workspace adhering to remote and in-office work policies.
  • Lunch: Provide daily lunch or cover expenses, budgeting 35-50 NIS per day.
What type of tasks can I expect from interns on the TAMID Fellowship?

Interns seek high-level, experiential learning through meaningful tasks aligned with skills in marketing, product management, finance, strategy, and more.

What does TAMID provide for the interns?

TAMID provides housing in Tel Aviv, health insurance, monthly transportation passes, programming, trips, and 24/7 personalized support.

Where will the interns be living?

Interns will be based in Tel Aviv (Florentine).

How do I pay for my intern’s lunch?

Options include Tenbis/Cibus cards, reimbursements, gift cards, or on-site cafeteria services.

Do I have to pay for my intern’s transportation?

Generally not required unless the company is located outside the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

Matching Process

What was the application process like for TAMID interns?

The process involves rigorous application submission, including short answer questions, essays, video, CV, and transcript, followed by interviews and comprehensive review.

How are TAMID Fellows matched with host companies?

Both parties fill out profiles on the Matching Platform, and tailored introductions are made based on analyzed needs and skills.

What is important to ask during the interview?

Questions should focus on aligning expectations between the intern and the company for a successful internship.


Which events are mandatory?

Typically, one mandatory evening event per week, with specific dates provided in the calendar.

What if there are conflicting events?

Discuss with the intern and a TAMID staff member at least 72 hours in advance for any conflicts with TAMID events.

Troubleshooting Issues

Where can I find best practices for working with a TAMID intern?

An internship handbook will be provided, along with a guide co-authored by a previous intern and supervisor.

What happens if my intern is not showing up to work on time?

Reinforce expectations and escalate recurring issues to a TAMID staff member.

Another manager wants to work with the intern. Is this okay?

Coordination between managers is permissible as long as expectations are clear.

Can the intern work US hours?

The intern should adhere to the general Israel work week schedule for interaction and mandatory events.

What if internship management changes?

Inform a TAMID staff member promptly about any management changes.

My intern complains of not having enough work. What should I do?

Encourage the intern to propose or create a project, ensuring tasks align with company needs.

TAMID Program

Can we offer the intern continued work through TAMID?

Absolutely! Opportunities exist for continued engagement, including consulting projects, freelance work, or post-graduation employment.

How can I further involve myself with TAMID?

Explore options such as consulting projects, connecting with alumni, visiting students on campus, or proposing your own ideas for involvement.