Business Education: Where Israel
is the Best Case Study

Once accepted to TAMID Group, new members go through an 8-week education program that prepares them to contribute to a consulting or investing team. With an emphasis on practical, experiential learning, the education program is hardly like sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. New members are challenged on a weekly basis in workshops and competitions, as they delve into a variety of fields within consulting, investing, and entrepreneurship. All business topics are taught through the lens of Israeli case studies. In addition, new members explore the exciting startup universe in Israel.

After each education presentation, TAMID at Maryland students break up into teams to apply what they’ve learned to their own startup company. The series of exercises culminates in a shark-tank style event. Julian Glover (pictured) was on the winning team, dubbed ReLend, whose idea for a peer-to-peer lending app earned attention from venture capitalists.