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A gift to TAMID Group is a critical investment in the cause of training future professional leaders and instilling in them a strong connection to Israel.

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Supporting TAMID Group has led to …

While joining TAMID initially as an Asian-American was pretty daunting, the club members created a very friendly and supportive environment that I was able to flourish in as one of the only nonjewish members of the chapter. The community and organization educated me on Israel’s economy and start-up environment which led me to be a Project Manager for an Israeli start-up. That experience made me very optimistic and want to explore the Israeli business environment further.”

William Yeh, NYU-Shanghai, Chapter President 2022

“As my internship with Promo.com comes to a close, I can say that I am now more than ever connected to Israel through my enhanced understanding of what it means to work at a startup in the startup nation. From my hands-on experience in marketing at Promo.com to being immersed into the Israeli culture through TAMID-sponsored trips, I have been able to refine my understanding of what it means to be in this part of the world and see firsthand Israel’s continued global impact.”

Jadyn Francois, NYU, 2022 Fellow

"The team was a group of young motivated talented students with ambition for their studies and practical experience for the future. I liked the eagerness. The project manager was just excellent- very organized with meeting times and leading the group and information collected, very attentive and quick to understand and implement my guidance, caught on quickly the spirit and ways of leading the team for better results when we encountered challenges or pivoting, and a smart ambitious person."

Netta Markish, Founder

"Really enjoyed working with this team! Really felt like it was a win-win."

Daniel Frankenstein, Co-Founder and Partner

"Working with TAMID students is always a privilege and a smart decision for any business, regardless of its size, stage, or industry."

Idan Meir, CEO

"We’ve been working with TAMID Group since 2017 and across two chapters. We’ve gained continuous value from working with the groups, and we are actively using many of the outputs for our day-to-day."

Roy Kirshon, COO

"We had a chance to work with a highly motivated team that came up with fresh ideas. Our project manager, was great to work with, patient, and enthusiastic. As a whole, the team did a meaningful job for us."

Rony Kowalski, Product Tech Leader

"We learned that young minds can be very curious, and this curiosity is an asset to any company because it drives discovery. We had all of these teams run with their imaginations, which are unbounded, and this is how we found new paths that can lead to success."

Meir Shachar, CEO

TAMID Together

TAMID Together is our annual phone-a-thon where student members spend 3 days reaching out to their networks to raise money for TAMID. The campaign not only brings in a significant amount of funding, but it also shares the work of TAMID with over 4,000 individuals who are excited to learn more about our work – and sometimes becomes our most significant donors!

While the campaign has already taken place this year, consider donating through our regular donation page.

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