How do I join TAMID?

If there is a TAMID chapter at your campus, visit the Chapters page to find more information about your local chapter. Reach out to the chapter’s president or director of recruitment, and ask how you can join. All chapters have a selective recruitment process. If you are too late to join this semester, keep TAMID in mind and apply to join in the future.

How do I start a TAMID chapter at my campus?

If your campus has talented students who are interested in business, we hope you will consider beginning the process of starting a TAMID chapter. We call aspiring chapters TAMID Beta, with a one-year program that must be completed to be considered for full chapterhood. To get started, email expansion@tamidgroup.org.

I’m not Jewish. Can I join TAMID or start a TAMID chapter?

Of course you can! TAMID is not a religious organization, and we welcome participants and leaders from all backgrounds. Israel’s story as a hub of innovation is universally appealing. Just as the country attracts business and technology leaders from around the world, TAMID uses “the startup nation” as a tool for teaching business skills to talented students from any background.

I’m not a member of a TAMID chapter, but I’m interested in an internship in Israel. Can I apply for the fellowship?

No. Only active members of a TAMID chapter are eligible for the Fellowship. For TAMID Fellows, a summer in Israel is just one aspect of their involvement in TAMID. We encourage you to join or start a chapter!

What is TAMID’s policy on political and religious initiatives?
Since our founding, TAMID Group has been apolitical and areligious. TAMID connects our students to Israel only through non-divisive means: experiential business education. College campuses are places of political activism, debate, and tension. TAMID encourages students, acting as individuals, to be politically active and voice opinions relating to any cause they choose. Students sometimes seek guidance on whether they may, on TAMID’s behalf, communicate a position on an issue or otherwise partake in activism.
In response, our chapter presidents created simple litmus tests for the apolitical and areligious policy.
As an apolitical organization, TAMID does not host or sponsor programs that require members to either consume political content or take part in political activism. We define “political” as taking a position on a divisive or partisan issue relating to government.
As an areligious organization, TAMID does not host or sponsor programs that encourage religious practice or philosophy. (During the Fellowship program, some of the non-internship programming may involve visits to historic sites of religious significance. TAMID leadership ensures that these experiences are non-coercive and meaningful from a cultural perspective.)
TAMID partners with a wide variety of organizations that share our value of building connections with Israel, even if our missions are not identical. TAMID works with organizations such as Hillel, the Jewish Federations, and Israel on Campus Coalition on mutually beneficial initiatives that strictly adhere to our apolitical and areligious policy.
TAMID leaders politely ask that guest speakers adhere to this policy.

Israeli Companies

What is the difference between the TAMID Fellowship and TAMID Consulting?

The TAMID Fellowship is an 8-week summer internship program in Israel. Fellows live in Israel and work full-time for an Israeli host company, with an expectation that they will be assigned challenging projects and be mentored by a supervisor.

Consulting projects are conducted remotely, by larger teams. During the school year, TAMID consulting teams of 4-8 students work to help Israeli companies solve challenging business problems. For the students, the consulting projects are an intensive extracurricular activity. They communicate with a point of contact at the company throughout the semester, leading to a final presentation of the team’s solution.

Why should I trust TAMID students to do valuable work for my company?

Our students are elite, and they undergo a selective application process to earn acceptance into TAMID. Their first semester in TAMID is spent on an interactive education curriculum that prepares them to do high-level work for your company.

Being on university campuses brings its own set of advantages. First, our students understand the market for your company’s product or service. Second, they have access to research tools and faculty. Third, our students are in the midst of studying solutions to the challenges that many companies are facing.

Ultimately, the proof is in the results. Every year, TAMID’s reputation amongst Israeli companies gets better, and the number of requests for consulting projects and interns increases.

What type of projects can consulting teams help me with?

Consulting teams can work on projects in the following areas:

  • Market entry & sales strategy
  • Partnership advising
  • Financial modeling
  • Market research & customer segmentation
  • Industry projections & competitive analysis
  • Marketing & brand strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Product development
  • App/website development
  • Back-end technologyProjects must be oriented towards strategic problem-solving. Do not expect consultants to take sales roles.
What type of tasks can I expect from interns on the TAMID Fellowship?

TAMID Fellows choose to join the TAMID Fellowship over high-paying internships with prestigious consulting, tech, and financial firms. Thus, they expect to have a high-level experience of “learning by doing.” They do understand that the dynamic nature of a startup company can lead to a wide variety of tasks—some more challenging than others. But the interns expect to finish the summer with tangible accomplishments and learning experiences; days spent making copies or sorting mail are not acceptable.

Internship experiences are most valuable for companies and students when the intern has one or two large projects to work on over the course of a summer. Each intern comes with their own set of skills, but in general, they may be interested in:

  • Marketing
  • Product management
  • Financial analysis
  • Planning & strategy
  • Business development
  • Operations
  • Engineering & design
  • Programming


How can I donate?

The easiest way to donate is at our donation page.

You can also mail a check to:

625 Kenmoor Ave SE Ste 350
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546-2395

What is TAMID Group's relationship with the Israel on Campus Coalition?

As of March 1, 2018, TAMID Group operates as an independent organization with a dedicated Board of Directors and staff. Prior to that date, TAMID operated under the fiscal sponsorship of the Israel on Campus Coalition, allowing TAMID to benefit from ICC’s administrative resources. We are grateful to ICC for its extraordinary role in fueling TAMID’s growth.

Do you accept non-cash donations (e.g. stock)?

Yes! Contact Rachel Philipson at rachel.p@tamidgroup.org.

Who can I contact with questions?

Email Rachel Philipson at rachel.p@tamidgroup.org.

What are TAMID Group's state disclosures?

Certain states require written disclosures for nonprofit organizations soliciting contributions. Individual state disclosures are below.


Maryland: For the cost of copies and postage, from the Office of the Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401.


New York: Upon request, from the Attorney General Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.


More information about state disclosure verbiage and charitable state registrations.

Fellowship - General Questions

Given the situation in Israel, is TAMID planning to run the Fellowship in 2024?

Safety and security remain our top priority when planning this program. Through ongoing conversations internally at TAMID and with our funding and programming partners at Birthright Israel Onward, we have decided to go ahead with the Fellowship in its current form next summer. Although there are no guarantees, we are optimistic that the security situation will improve to a point that we can run a Fellowship in person in Tel Aviv. Of course, this will include ensuring that we meet all safety guidelines and requirements.

Should the situation not improve in the spring, we have already developed multiple alternatives. All imagined alternatives are built around TAMID’s confidence in sourcing substantive and meaningful internships for our Fellows within Israel’s business ecosystem for the summer of 2024 – ideally as a part of an immersive, in-person Fellowship. Should any part of that change, please trust that all accepted Fellows will be the first to know.

What does the Fellowship cost?

The TAMID Fellowship costs $10,000 per fellow. Even as a non-profit, together with our partners, we are able to cover MOST of that cost for you. You are expected to contribute a fraction of that overall cost; $1,600, while we take care of the rest. If you have demonstrated financial need, scholarships are available – see below.

* Fellows will be expected to arrange and pay for their own flights to Israel. If you have demonstrated financial need, scholarships are available – see below.

What does the cost of the Fellowship cover?

What is directly involved in this experience is really mostly up to you! What we can say for sure, is that as all TAMID Fellows receive:

  • Housing for the duration of the Fellowship
  • A substantive international internship experience; preceded by a personalized matching process
  • Professional Development and networking events
  • Health insurance for the duration of the Fellowship
  • Weekend, overnight, and day trips around the country (including meals, access to unique sites and speakers)
  • An intra-city bus pass around Tel Aviv
  • Access to a diverse network of Global TAMID Fellows
  • The opportunity to experience the summer of a lifetime!
Is there Financial Aid available?

For those who can demonstrate financial need, partial or full financial aid is available. TAMID Group firmly believes that this experience should be available to all of our students, regardless of need. More information will be forthcoming for those accepted to the program or contact the Fellowship team at summerfellowship@tamidgroup.org.

If the Fellowship does not run as planned, can I get a refund?

We understand the challenges associated with committing to the Fellowship at this time, including questions concerning the policies and refunds should the Fellowship change. Our policy regarding refunds and withdrawals is as follows:

  • If the Fellowship does indeed go ahead as planned, it is because all partners, in consultation with security personnel, have deemed that it is safe to bring Fellows to Israel. In this case, your decision to attend or withdraw from the Fellowship remains affixed with its non-refundable policy. Practically, this is your $1,600 contribution made to finalize your registration for and commitment to the Fellowship.
  • If the Fellowship does not go ahead or evolves to become a distinctly different program (in duration, content, or format), we will actively review both the contribution amount ($1,600) and refund policy to suit the new program.
What is my Security Deposit?

Your security deposit is a $400 refundable fee that you pay before the program begins (part of the registration process). It will be used to cover any damages or fines you may accrue. Money can also be deducted from your security deposit for unprofessional behavior, including if you are late or miss out on any mandatory events, disciplinary issues, etc. At the end of the summer, you will be invited to donate any portion towards financial aid for next year’s Fellows, if you so choose.

Who is eligible for the Fellowship?

Active members of a TAMID chapter, who have not been on an Onward Israel program previously, are eligible to participate. If you have already been on another Onward Israel program, you will unfortunately not be able to join us. If you are not part of your school’s chapter yet and would like to experience the Fellowship – along with everything else TAMID provides – we encourage you to join. If your school does not have a TAMID chapter, we encourage you to start one!

What are the Fellowship dates?

There will only be one session this year: June 10, 2024 – August 4, 2024
If you have an academic or family conflict, please contact the Fellowship team directly (summerfellowship@tamidgroup.org) as early as possible – see the next question for details.

Can I arrive late or leave the Fellowship early?

Given that a large majority of the Fellowship is granted to the participant as a gift, Fellowship participants are expected to be in Israel for the entire duration of the program. Under certain circumstances, late arrivals, early departures, or trips out of Israel during the summer MAY be approved. If you have a potential need for one of these exceptions, you must submit a conflict form by March 1, 2024 so that it can be reviewed by TAMID Group and our partners at Birthright Onward Israel. If you are approved for such an exception, missed days will incur a daily fee.


If you do not submit your request by the given deadline, we cannot guarantee that it will be approved regardless of the circumstances.

Can I travel outside of Israel during a free weekend?

For reasons pertaining to insurance restrictions and commitments to program partners who support the Fellowship, Fellows may not leave the country at any point during the dates of the program. If you anticipate needing to leave for any necessary circumstances, please submit the conflict form by March 1, 2023.

Are all TAMID programs and events mandatory?

You will receive a calendar of events and trips prior to the summer. The calendar will clearly note which programs are mandatory, and which are optional.

Will we be able to travel around Israel?

Yes, TAMID will have at least one weekend trip over the course of the program, as well as day trips. TAMID also encourages you to explore Israel on your own. In addition to the trips and programming that TAMID will run over the summer, Birthright Israel Onward runs ‘Shishi Tours’, optional Friday day tours around Israel that you can join for a small fee of 25-50 NIS ($5-15 USD). TAMID will send out an itinerary before you arrive in Israel with any trips, so you will have plenty of time to plan travel in your free time in advance.

Are there professional development opportunities available?

Yes, there will be professional development sessions that are run for Fellows interested in various industries and career paths. All such events will include structured networking opportunities and educational content. More information on this will be sent leading up to the summer.

What are the security protocols?

Our program partners have a full-time security department linked to the Israeli Army, the Israeli Police, and all the relevant authorities, feeding real-time, live updates to the group. During trips, our group’s every step in Israel is monitored, and impromptu adjustments are made if needed. Security guards will accompany the group on all trips and security protocols will be clearly explained to Fellows prior to arrival and revisited during orientation.

Fellowship - Logistical Questions

How do we get to Israel?

Fellows are responsible for booking and paying for their own flights, with the exception of those approved for financial assistance. You must submit your flight information to TAMID staff by March 1, 2024, at the latest. We highly encourage you to book flights as soon as possible after confirming your spot on the program and ensuring you have a valid passport, as prices can increase significantly throughout the spring semester.

Do I need to apply for a visa to come on the Fellowship?

The majority of our Fellows (with US passports) are able to get a tourist visa on arrival. Fellows with other passports are responsible for checking if they require a visa, and if so, will need to apply for it on their own. If you are unsure whether you require a visa, please reach out to your local Israeli Consulate/Embassy. We have past Fellows available as student liaisons from China and India if you have questions about those visa processes – you can reach out to sgfd@tamidgroup.org to connect with them.


*No Fellow needs a work or student visa – ONLY A TOURIST VISA IS REQUIRED.

Will there be transportation from the airport?

No, each student is expected to arrive from the Tel Aviv airport to the Official TAMID Arrival Lounge* in central Tel Aviv. A taxi stand is available and drivers generally can manage in English. You may also use the Gett Taxi app once you activate your Israeli SIM card. Details of the arrival process will be outlined via email and on the Pre-Fellowship Webinars in May.

*TAMID’s Arrival Lounge will be located at King George 37 in central Tel Aviv, where you’ll be greeted by all summer staff at this one-stop shop for all that you need to know upon arrival! All information pertaining to; Housing, Transport, Communications, Insurance, and Internship will await you there!

Do I need an Israeli cell phone plan?

Yes. According to the program rules, each Fellow must have a local Israeli phone number over the summer. This is absolutely necessary both for security/safety reasons and for the purposes of setting up Fellows’ bus transportation passes, which can only be used with an Israeli number. In the information packet you will receive before the summer, we will have details of an option to book a SIM package through a company that we work with.

Phones MUST be “unlocked for international use” before arrival or you must bring/buy a second, unlocked phone that you carry with you at all times that can hold an Israeli SIM card.

How much spending money should I bring?

TAMID will cover your accommodation, monthly local bus pass, health insurance & any official trips. We recommend bringing the amount you would normally spend while traveling while keeping in mind that Tel Aviv is quite an expensive city (food prices are close to NYC/LA city prices). Below you will find an estimate of potential expenses to help you budget for this summer, based on last year’s Fellows’ experience:

  • Passport: $130 to renew
  • Airfare: $800 – $2,000
  • Tourist Visa (for countries to which this applies): $30 – $40
  • Meals & Groceries: $400 – $1,000
  • Entertainment: $100 – $500
  • Gifts & Miscellaneous (Taxis, Gym Memberships, etc.): $20 – $400
How will I get around in Israel?

You will be provided with an unlimited monthly bus pass that will enable you to take public transportation within Tel Aviv, and to your workplace. Any transportation that you take on your own time outside of these city limits will be at your own added expense.

Who is our first point of contact in Israel?

Each cohort will be assigned Madrichim (counselors), who are on call 24/7. In addition to medical, social, linguistic, and technical support, they will also facilitate educational and social events to help the Fellows learn about Israel and get to know each other.

Fellowship - Housing Questions

What does Fellowship housing look like?

During the 2024 Fellowship, Fellows will be living in apartments with shared bedrooms. Housing will have shared living spaces as well as space to cook meals (with basic kitchen supplies). All housing has been carefully vetted and visited by both Birthright Israel Onward and TAMID staff and meets Birthright Israel Onward’s housing standards, including following all safety guidelines. We will send out a list of where you will be living before the Fellowship starts.

* You must remain in our housing for the entire Fellowship duration

What is included in the living spaces?

Each Fellow will receive the following items: bed, sheets, towel, dresser/closet. All apartments will also have air conditioning and wifi as well as a basic kitchen. A packing list will be sent out in our info packet before the Fellowship.

Can we choose our roommates or cohort?

You will be sent a Housing and Cohort Form, on which you can request a Fellow to be placed in your cohort. We will not be taking roommate requests, though the housing form will include questions about your living style in order for us to best match you with compatible roommates.


Your cohort requests will be taken into consideration, however, we do not guarantee that you will be placed with the Fellow you request. Keep in mind that we intentionally mix chapters in housing/cohorts to the best of our ability in order to encourage Fellows to branch out and to build an ultimately more cohesive, connected TAMID-wide community.

Can we choose specific housing arrangements?

Housing preference will be taken into consideration, but it may not be possible for every Fellow to get their first choice. We also cannot guarantee specific arrangements, like single bedrooms. If you have specific needs, you must write them on your housing request form and provide supporting evidence (ie doctor’s note in cases of medical/sleep needs) – we can only do our best to accommodate these needs if we are aware of them as early as possible. All apartments will be single-sex.

What if I need Shomer Shabbat/Kosher housing?

If you need Shabbat or Kosher housing, please let us know on the housing form and we will endeavor to place you in an apartment with others who request the same.

Do TAMID chapter members live together?

TAMID chapter members are purposely divided to ensure cohort diversity and to give you the chance to meet as many TAMID Fellows from other chapters as possible. You may find yourself in the same cohort as another chapter member, but this is not guaranteed.

When will housing and cohort lists be available?

The Fellowship team will release the housing and cohort lists in the weeks before the program.

How do meals work on the program?

You will receive a set amount as a lunch stipend from your company that you may use for lunches on work days, or at your discretion. This stipend is not expected to cover the full cost of lunch every day. It exists to lighten the load and make it easier for you. All other meals will be at the expense of the Fellow.

Will food be provided on all trips?

Most meals on trips are provided. TAMID will let you know before the trip if you will need to cover any of your meals.

What should I do if I have dietary restrictions?

In order for us to best accommodate your restrictions, please include your allergies and dietary restrictions on your medical form and your registration form.

* All food provided on TAMID events and trips is Kosher.

Can I move into my housing before the program officially begins?

No. TAMID housing accommodations are only available during the exact dates of the Summer Fellowship Program.

Fellowship - Internship Questions

When does internship matching begin?

Matching will begin on a rolling basis. As part of your registration process, you will be required to sign up for a Matching Webinar, during which a member of the Fellowship team and Company Relations team who manage our company accounts, will explain the process and help you sign up for our Matching Platform. The process will run until all Fellows are successfully confirmed.

How exactly does the matching process work?

Companies and Fellows are asked to fill out a profile on the Matching Platform detailing interests and needs. The Company Relations team meets with each company manager prior to approving their Fellowship submission. The companies’ needs and the students’ skills/interests are then analyzed to find the best potential matches. Using this information and our years of ecosystem experience, our team makes tailored introductions or recommendations. From there, it is up to the company to conduct their own interview process and decide whether to offer the internship to the Fellow.

What's the professional dress code in Israel?

The dress code in Israel is generally more casual than in other countries. We recommend asking your company manager about the typical workplace attire in their office.

I don't speak Hebrew. Will that be a problem?

Not at all! Each placement has English-speaking employees, and your direct manager will be fluent in English as well.

What if I have an issue at my internship?

Each summer, we have former Fellows serve as Fellowship Mentors. With the experience of a Fellowship under their belts, they are a great resource and are available throughout the summer, along with the TAMID staff, to assist with any internship issues.

Am I allowed to intern with a company that isn't in TAMID's network?

If there is a specific company that you are interested in, please let us know, as we may already have a relationship with them. If we do not, we ask that you connect with them on your own and keep us updated and CC’d on your communication with the company. Please keep in mind that all new companies must first be approved by TAMID staff before you can start the process. We will cover the exact details of this self-sourcing process in the Matching Webinar.

How will my company cover my lunch?

The most common methods include: an on-site cafe/cafeteria, a prepaid card, or cash (daily/weekly/monthly) provided by your company.

What are some typical internship placements?

TAMID Group works primarily with companies in the startup / hi-tech ecosystem. The large majority of our placements are in startups and high-tech companies in fields such as medtech, AI, big data, e-commerce, marketing etc. We also have limited placements in finance, Venture Capital and consulting firms.

What are examples of internship projects?

Past Fellows have worked on projects like business development, financial analysis, marketing, deal flow, research, consulting, social media management, content writing, software development, data analytics, and more. There are also niche placements available.

Will we have the opportunity to meet companies outside of our internship?

Absolutely! TAMID organizes professional development events including workshops and panels for our Fellows. In addition, there are many ecosystem meetups and events that are open to TAMID Fellows.