Spend the summer of a lifetime interning in Israel, exploring the country, and growing as a leader.

Produced in partnership with Onward Israel, the TAMID Group Fellowship is a competitive, 8-week summer internship program that provides outstanding TAMID Group leaders with the opportunity to work with host companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv.

Only active members of a TAMID chapter are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.

Application form and FAQ

"I worked for a startup that made an app used by over 10 million people worldwide. On the job I had to teach myself four new computer languages that I used daily when writing code for the app and website."

- Natalia Jacobowitz, Columbia

When Max Zuo (Northwestern) interned at the Tel Aviv headquarters of marketing startup Dov-E, he traveled to his native China, where his local connections and language skills helped launch the company's operations there.

The CEO of Parko was invited to pitch at a venture capital conference, but he wasn't able to attend. TAMID Fellow Josh Ottensoser (NYU) filled in, and confidently presented the company to a room packed with investors.

"A group of 10 fellows and I wanted to hike in the Golan, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Israel. So we made it happen. The staff was helpful at organizing transportation to and from, and it ended up being one of my favorite experiences of the trip."

- Adam Sloane, UC Berkeley

The program is designed so that Fellows achieve four outcomes:

  1. Gain valuable skills through a rigorous summer internship experience
  2. Expand their knowledge of and connection to the Israeli economy
  3. Strengthen their relationship with TAMID Group and other TAMID Fellows
  4. Explore and discover Israel in a way that speaks to their personal interests

The Fellowship is structured into three components:


TAMID Fellows come from a range of backgrounds, including business, computer science, and liberal arts. What they have in common is a strong track record, inside and outside the classroom, and a desire to tackle and complete substantive business projects that will contribute to their company’s growth. Past projects addressed challenges such as pricing strategy, supply chain, market research, digital marketing web development, beta testing, competitor analysis, financial modeling, and more.


Fellows learn about Israel’s dynamic economy by participating in speaking events and workshops with Israeli business leaders in high-tech, venture capital, private equity, asset management, and other industries. In addition, Fellows engage in discussion groups to address TAMID Group related challenges and share best practices between chapters. Fellows also participate in day and overnight trips around the country to experience the culture and land of Israel firsthand.


A number of nights and weekends throughout the summer are left unscheduled so students have the time to build personalized Israel experiences. Whether it’s to hike in the Golan, share a Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem, or simply relax on the beach in Tel Aviv, there are ample opportunities for Fellows to create their own plans so they can explore Israel in personally meaningful ways.