Connecting Tomorrow's Financial
Wizards to Israel

Did you know that Israel—the 153rd largest country in the world by landmass—is home to the 3rd most companies traded on the Nasdaq?


The TAMID Investment Fund enables members to conduct due-diligence on Israeli stocks and manage a live portfolio. Each chapter competes in an organization-wide trading competition, giving each member’s research a national impact. TAMID expects Investment Fund leaders to facilitate ongoing financial education, with guidance from faculty and professional investors.


Beyond the competition, TAMID offers partnership opportunities with the financial media outlet Seeking Alpha. Some chapters are even raising money for a modest real-life portfolio.


Ultimately, TAMID offers students the edge they need to break into the hyper-competitive financial services industry.

TAMID at Columbia U

Each year, TAMID chapters compete to have the portfolio with the highest returns. In the 2014-2015 school year, the Lions of TAMID at Columbia took home the prize.