Chapter Spotlight: Emory University and Northeastern University

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TAMID at Emory University

Name: Ethan Arbiser
University: Emory University
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Environmental Science and Jewish Studies
Internship Company: Eco Wave Power
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: One of my favorite tasks are country proposals, which provide the company with more information regarding optimal location to launch/ pursue their technology. This is extremely interesting because not only must the intern analyze the wave conditions and shoreline infrastructure, but also consider the government’s infrastructure and regional energy needs. As many developed countries understand the need for clean energy, several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have created research and development programs to find the best technologies for harnessing renewable energy. Other tasks include extensive grant research for implementation on shores abroad, investor research, and managing social media. This internship experience has helped me understand the energy field and how to incorporate sustainability into countries with unique issues and demands.
Fun Fact: I’m one of the few fellows from the South (Atlanta, GA)


Name: Dani Abitbol
University: Emory University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Business
Internship Company: Akross
Internship Role: Content Marketing and Business Development
Awesome Experience: Coming into this program I thought I would have a disadvantage in being the youngest but at no point was that the case. Not only did I gain priceless internship experience, but I was able to see Israel and its society through many different perspectives than just Zionism, which I was raised with. I was able to share that experience with a group of students who challenged me and helped me grow throughout the summer
Fun Fact: I’m a licensed scuba diver


Name: Daniel Azizi
University: Emory University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance, Real Estate
Internship Company: Samurai Incubate
Internship Role: Venture Capital Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: My time in Israel has been a wonderful experience. Working at a Japanese firm, I had the opportunity to learn from both Japanese and Israeli entrepreneurs and investors. My favorite professional experience was hosting a Hack-A-Thon in order to merge a startup with the biggest credit card company in Japan- JCB. I really love the Israeli way of life and I am very thankful to TAMID for turning my dream into a reality!
Fun Fact: I have gotten stiches 4 separate times on my head


Name: Nina Leibowitz
University: Emory University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance and Strategy Management Consulting
Internship Company: Homrun Group
Internship Role: Business Development Analyst
Awesome Experience: One of the best experiences I had this summer was our weekend in Nitzana. My phone was off for 3 days. I was in pure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual serenity. I have never experienced such inner peace as I did in Nitzana. I felt like I wanted to stay there forever, but I knew I couldn’t. Melissa Kaplan reminded me that this isn’t reality. I knew I had to return to the busy, fast-paced city life of Tel Aviv. When I left, there was one thing I was sure of. I was going to do my best to keep a piece of Nitzana with me. Now, whenever I get stressed or worried I think back to Nitzana and sleeping under the stars (I saw 6 shooting stars while we were there). I think about the crazy creatures we saw like different kinds of scorpions and “The Terrifier.” I think about our bike ride through the desert and the hot wind blowing at my face. All of these adventures help me keep a permanent appreciation for life. The world is an amazing place filled with amazing people and creatures. Thank you Nitzana.
Fun Fact: I swallowed a balloon.


Name: Brandon Novel
University: Emory University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance, Real Estate, & Political Science
Internship Company: Deloitte
Internship Role: Financial Advisory Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: I have learned so much from creating portfolios of Israeli startups and running valuations.
Fun Fact: I speak Farsi.




TAMID at Northeastern University

Name: David Iken
University: Northeastern University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Business Administration (+ Psychology & Computer Science)
Internship Company: SimpleOrder
Internship Role: Business Analyst Intern
Awesome Experience: Last week we went to Nazareth and were able to get a glimpse into the Israeli-Arab business eco-system. We heard from Imad Telhami, a successful Arab entrepreneur who focuses on integrating Arab citizens into high-tech sectors. Telhami spoke about how expanded coexistence and cooperation will narrow societal gaps and lead to greater economic success for the State of Israel.
Fun Fact: Once I danced so hard, I ended up burning 2668 calories in a single day!


Name: Josh Hoffman
University: Northeastern University
Graduating Year: 2020
Major (+Minor): Computer Science and Mathematics
Internship Company: HelloHeart
Internship Role: Summer Developer Intern
Awesome Experience: My company could care less about hours spent and more about productivity and meeting deadlines. I’ve had a few 11 hour days where I have gotten everything in on time. Those have been some of the most satisfying moments of the summer, and the best part is that these days are balanced by shorter and easier days! Being the VP of operations back on campus means that I have to juggle a lot at once, so I’ve learned that every single thing we do or work on will always need a deadline.
Fun Fact: I’ve marched in two pride parades this summer.