Chapter Spotlight: Northwestern University and George Washington University

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Northwestern group photo

TAMID at Northwestern University

Name: Bryan Rosenberg
University: Northwestern University
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Environmental Science
Internship Company: Izuba Energy
Internship Role: Renewable Energy Consultant
Awesome Experience: We were taking a tour of a Kibbutz near the city of Nazareth and the guide was showing us through a mikvah (a holy bath that Jewish women immerse themselves in before their wedding). One of my friends asked, “What do you think is down those stairs?” and not realizing that the whole stairwell was a large pool of water, I decided to walk down the stairs and check it out. Obviously, I did not get too far before I was immersed in the holy water. Even though I was soaked afterwards, it was quite the experience to look back on. To me, this moment highlights how much of the Israeli culture I have been able to immerse myself in, literally and figuratively, throughout the summer here. My internship has been awesome, but I will never forget all of the cool things Israel has had to offer as I explore it for the first time.
Fun Fact: I once spent 10 days on the Greenland Ice Sheet where the temp was -20 degrees


Name: Aaron Kamel
University: Northwestern University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Economics (+Computer Science, French)
Internship Company: Abbi
Internship Role: Methodology Expert
Awesome Experience: The fellowship has been a really great experience and I am privileged to have been able to go on it. In Tel Aviv, I can do so many amazing things such as go to meet-ups to learn about AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) or explore the night life. Also, being in a group of 120 TAMID Fellows has opened my eyes to so many different TAMID experiences.
I work at Abbi, which is a company that offers its SDK (software development kit) to help mobile apps better retain and profit from their customers. Abbi’s technology understands users’ behavior in an app and uses that to send an in-app message at the right time to the right user. My role is to help improve the sales process from start to finish by creating customer use cases, in-app strategies and arranging meetings with mobile app companies. I really feel like I am in the trenches struggling alongside the other 5 full-time employees. I love what I do and I could not have had a better summer anywhere else in the world.
Fun Fact: I’m in love with tahini and can not eat salad dressing anymore. I have even made my own tahini!


Name: Justin Fleischmann
University: Northwestern University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Economics, Business Institutions, Entrepreneurship
Internship Company: eRated
Internship Role: Business Development and Marketing Intern
Awesome Experience: My job description is extremely broad. Since the startup is pretty small (six employees), I help them with anything and everything they need. During my first week, I helped debug code even though I’ve never coded before! I’ve helped do things from marketing to business development to selling to customer relations. I’ve learned so much. I wear a lot of hats and I love it!
Fun Fact: I’ve started a custom speaker system company called Audiovert.


Name: Aaron Strauss
University: Northwestern University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Economics (+Business Institutions Program, Hebrew Studies)
Internship Company: TipRanks
Internship Role: Quality Assurance Analyst
Awesome Experience: This trip has been hands down one of the best summers of my life. I immersed myself in one of the most dynamic startup cultures in the world, all the while networking, making friends, and having fun. I would have to say the coolest experience I had this summer was at a Wix rooftop dinner, where we heard from one of the heads of the marketing operation team. The second I left I made an account on Wix, and within the next 24 hours had my first website launched. I now have a team of guys working on the website with me, and I can only imagine, with the tools TAMID gave me, what awaits us around the corner!
Fun Fact: I had shakshuka every day for the last 2 weeks because I was sad I had to say goodbye.

TAMID at George Washington University

Name: Claire Martin
University: George Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Marketing & Environmental Studies
Internship Company: Eco Wave Power
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: My internship with EWP has helped to hone my future career. I’ve always wanted a job where I can make a positive influence on the world, but I had a hard time figuring out where that would lead me: working with a government agency, working for a nonprofit, or becoming a politician. I can now say that I know where I want to be in the future: the wave energy industry.
While other renewable energies are all better options than fossil fuels, wave energy is the least intrusive option for the environment. It doesn’t require the massive amounts of land like solar, it doesn’t harm native species like wind, and it is a more reliable energy source than either since waves are constant. It is also the least developed and, as such, it has great potential to grow in the next twenty years.
Fun Fact: When I was on American Idol, my mom (then 55) was shown doing a split on national television.


Name: Hannah Finkel
University: George Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): History and Judaic Studies (+Economics)
Internship Company: Zora Ventures
Internship Role: VC Intern, Research/Business Development
Awesome Experience:Being able to sit in on pitches from entrepreneurs has given me so much insight on the industry. I am so lucky to be able to work so closely with my boss and be able to see firsthand how a VC firm works day to day.
Fun Fact: I’m a grilled cheese aficionado


Name: Sophie Mulard
University: George Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Biomedical Engineering
Internship Company: Yoocan
Internship Role: Brand Management and Campaign Development Intern
Awesome Experience: During the first week at my internship I went to Microsoft’s Accelerator where I met with VC firms and angel investors with my coworkers as my company pitched their product! It is experiences like these which I have come to love on this fellowship, where I have been thrown into a situation and I have learned to adapt. I definitely have grown professionally from this and personally too.
Fun Fact: Everyone is always singing at work! Most of the time it’s Britney Spears.


Name: Liana Sherman
University: George Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): International Affairs, Computer Science
Internship Company: Airobotics
Internship Role: BizDev/Content Marketing Intern
Awesome Experience: My time as a TAMID Fellow has been both an enriching and adventurous experience. The past few weeks have provided me with the chance to do incredible work for Airobotics, an industrial drone company, as well as immerse myself within a rich culture and people I’ve grown a deep admiration and love for.
Fun Fact: I am a competitive figure skater…and some know me as Svetlana.