Chapter Spotlight: Queens College and Pennsylvania State University

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TAMID at Queens College

Name: Jonathan Liebman
University: Queens College
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Accounting and Economics (+Mathematics)
Internship Company: Zeekit
Internship Role: Data and Analytics Intern
Awesome Experience: It has been incredible spending time in Tel Aviv this summer. Meeting TAMID fellows from all over the country has been really fun as well as helped with the future plans of my school’s chapter. One of the best parts of being in Tel Aviv this summer are the random tech events they are always happening. I would say the coolest one was a Virtual Reality event where I got to play some awesome games and experience the rise of Virtual Reality!
Fun Fact: I got my eye glued shut when I was 9

Name: Lara (Miri) Spitz
University: Queens College
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Economics (+Accounting, Computer Information Technology)
Internship Company: Ivy
Internship Role: SEO Consultant
Awesome Experience: Working at Ivy has been an incredible experience so far. It’s amazing to see how dedicated people are to their job and to watch their ambition in helping a company grow. The opportunity I’ve been given to spearhead their SEO and analytics department is unlike any internship I’ve had before. Being given the freedom to make a long-lasting impact on the company, as an intern, really sets the tone for the summer and makes the experience all the more real. Without forgetting the more fun parts of the Fellowship – TAMID has shown me a new way to look at Israel and to have a greater appreciation for the country I love, through our awesome overnights and weekend trips, and by giving me the freedom to explore a different part of Israel than I am used to, on my own and with new friends. I have gained more than I could have imagined through the Fellowship.
Fun Fact: I love building famous architectural buildings out of Lego. Last year I built one out of 4295 Lego pieces!

Name: Shlomo Klahr
University: Queens College
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Finance, Economics
Internship Company: Grove Venture
Internship Role: Venture Capital Analyst
Awesome Experience: My fascination with VC and the startup world has been bordering on obsessional lately, so this summer has been an amazing and eye-opening experience. My job has allowed me to immerse myself in the worlds of IoT, VR, drones, AI, autonomous cars, and many other fascinating technologies while honing my research skills. Aside from the work itself, one of my favorite things about this job is working alongside the firm’s Managing Partner, Dov Moran. He’s a serial entrepreneur who invented the USB stick (selling his company to SanDisk for $1.6B!) and has sold modular phone patents to Google. His success and vision is truly inspirational and I’ve gained so much discussing the future of innovation with him.
Fun Fact: I’m a music lover- I’ve been to 100+ concerts, my Spotify playlist is nearing 4000 songs, and I like to play the blues.


Name: Mikki Weinstein
University: Queens College
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): English (+Political Science, Business And Liberal Arts)
Internship Company: Gistit (s-FBI)
Internship Role: Researcher, Content Editor, Marketer.
Awesome Experience: The fellowship has been a transformative experience for me, both personally and in regards to my future involvement in TAMID. On a personal level, I have gotten to meet incredible people and make friends while stepping out of my comfort zone living in Tel Aviv, a part of Israel where I had never spent so much time. In terms of TAMID, I feel so excited to take everything I’ve learned from both my peers and the fellowship programming back into the Queens College chapter which is still in its nascence. I don’t want the summer to end, but I’m so excited to move forward from here!
Fun Fact: I love everything Harry Potter!


Name: Perry Raskin
University: Queens College
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Computer Science
Internship Company: Shoppimon
Internship Role: R&D Intern
Awesome Experience: The TAMID Fellowship is an incredible experience for a college student. I travel to Israel every year, and this trip is something completely different. The Airbnb message is spot on: don’t go to Israel, live in Israel. I live and work in the center of the startup scene and I’ve definitely been taking advantage of that. Outside of work, I have attended various tech events in Tel Aviv, and I have even volunteered at a TechCrunch event.
This summer I’m interning with the R&D team at Shoppimon, a company dedicated to helping eCommerce companies understand when technical problems on their sites are causing them to lose revenues. During my internship I’ve been working on an internal  Event Hub project that will create a unified system for tracking Shoppimon’s own user activity, clearly, simply and in a scalable manner over time to help the whole Shoppimon team gain an in-depth understanding of how the company’s customers behave when using the system.
I’m grateful to be working directly with Shoppimon’s CTO and Head of Development, getting hands-on coding experience to complement the theoretical knowledge I’m learning at school. I am also really enjoying the specific project I’m working on, which has given me the chance to learn a wide range of new skills while making a tangible contribution to the company.
Fun Fact: I modeled for a Facebook ad for my company!

TAMID at Pennsylvania State University

Name: Juan Martinez
University: Pennsylvania State University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Petroleum Engineering and Energy Engineering
Internship Company: Wikistrat
Internship Role: Tech Team Intern
Awesome Experience: Living and working in Israel has been life changing. I have learned from a culture completely different than mine, in a country that speaks a language that I don’t and learning about a religion that I am adopting. Israel changed my life in many ways.
Fun Fact: My tattoo has a grammar mistake and my feet are too small to buy men sizes in the US.


Name: Drew Petersohn
University: Pennsylvania State University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance
Internship Company: Como
Internship Role: Business Analysis
Awesome Experience: Living on your own in a foreign city has a lot of benefits. My favorite was being able to try all the restaurants in the area. Tel Aviv has great food.
Fun Fact: Of all the food the 6 shek falafel was the best