Chapter Spotlight: UC Berkeley, University of Florida, and Lehigh University

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TAMID at UC Berkeley

Name: Arron Gould
University: UC Berkeley
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Cognitive Science
Internship Company: UpWest Labs
Internship Role: Summer Intern
Awesome Experience: Working at UpWest Labs has allowed me to learn the fundamentals of an industry that quite often operates behind closed doors. I’ve been lucky enough to work under a great investor (Gil, who’s the founder of the firm) and sit in on pitches. I’ve gained invaluable insights which will definitely help me if I find myself on either side of the investors’ table.
Fun Fact: Still suffering from England’s premature exit from the Euros (and the EU but that’s a little less important)
Daniella Wenger
Name: Daniella Wenger
University: UC Berkeley
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Business Administration (Certificate of Entreprenurship and Technology)
Internship Company: Deloitte
Internship Role: Junior Analyst
Awesome Experience:Although I have previously been Israel, (think: traveling with family, school trips, summer camp) TAMID has allowed me to experience Israel as a young professional alongside my peers. Every day is an adventure; at work, I study the windmill industry to craft a strategy for a renewable energy company, and at night, I explore Tel Aviv’s vibrant night life from Rothschild to Dizengoff. I am appreciative of the opportunity to learn from both my American peers about their work experiences and my co-workers about Israel’s multifaceted culture (and the best restaurants in Tel Aviv)!
Fun Fact:When I was in 6th grade, I participated in an exchange program where I lived with a family in Israel who did not speak English!

Name: Rudy Venguswamy
University: UC Berkeley
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor):Business (Material Science and Engineering
Internship Company: Terra Venture Partners
Internship Role:Portfolio Development Team
Awesome Experience:I’ve had the chance to catch an amazing glimpse of the startup ecosystem here in Tel Aviv by attending many entrepreneur and tech meetups on behalf of Terra Venture Partners, ranging from big events like TechCrunch to small fireside chats with startup CEOs. I’m always inspired to see these motivated entrepreneurs coming up with creative solutions. The tales of how this vibrant ecosystem was built in Tel Aviv have given me a host of ideas on how to help further build a VC and entrepreneurial network at UC Berkeley, something I plan to spearhead when I return to the states!
Fun Fact:I’ve had hummus on my plate every single meal for the past 10 days.Adam Yankelevits

Name: Adam Yankelevits
University: UC Berkeley
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor):Business Administration
Internship Company: Deloitte
Internship Role: Summer Analyst in Financial Advisory
Awesome Experience:I knew I wanted to go into business, I just had no idea which field best fit me. Although Tamid allowed me to consult for startups during the school year, I never had the opportunity to work for a large consulting firm. This fellowship has provided me with an awesome experience not only getting to work in a field I have wanted to try out, but allowing me to do so surrounded by over a hundred other American teens in a foreign country.
Fun Fact: I modeled on toy boxes when I was a little kid.

Gabe Grossman


Name: Gabriel Grossman
University: UC Berkeley
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor):Political Economy
Internship Company: Credifi
Internship Role: Loans Analyst
Awesome Experience: I’ve had a great time meeting so many other Tamid members from campuses across the country!
Fun Fact:I❤ Tamid

TAMID at University of Florida

Name: Jonathan Hurwitz
University: University of Florida
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance; Real Estate, Information Systems
Internship Company: TipRanks –tipranks.com
Internship Role: Quality Assurance Intern
Awesome Experience: TAMID has been a great experience so far! I am thoroughly enjoying my work and having a blast with coworkers. I have learnt so much during my time at TipRanks and truly could not have found a better company to be working for in a perfectly balanced professional and social environment. I’m having an unbelievable time in Tel Aviv and can’t wait to hit the beach after work. And remember, Go Gators!
Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to 21 countries… and counting

TAMID at Lehigh University

Lindsay Shagrin
Name:Lindsay Shagrin
University: Lehigh University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Undecided
Internship Company: NoCamels
Internship Role: Reporter for NoCamels, Journalism Internship
Awesome Experience: The internship has been filled with so many incredible opportunities, including travel, work experience, and immersion in a new culture. One thing I love about the fellowship is the other students I have gotten to meet from across the country. Some of my favorite memories from the trip so far have been Shabbat dinners where students of every religious background come together and just eat and hang out. It is so fun to get to share this experience with so many interesting and kind people.
Fun Fact: I ran a half marathon!
David Morency
Name: David Morency
University: Lehigh University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Industrial Engineering, Finance, Minor in Chinese
Internship Company: Grove Ventures
Internship Role: Venture Capital Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: I am deeply grateful to TAMID’s organizers, donors, partners, and student leaders. They have provided an incredible life experience for the 120 deserving students on this fellowship. TAMID connected me with Grove Ventures – a new venture capital firm managed by Dov Moran, the Israeli inventor of the USB Flash Drive. I have spent my first 3 weeks at Grove evaluating pitches from Israeli startups, analyzing and presenting on global trends in IoT/Big Data/Cloud tech, and using my Chinese background to identify and prepare presentations for potential Chinese LPs and strategic buyers. Outside of work, we have amazing opportunities to travel the country and meet world leaders in entrepreneurship and politics.
Fun Fact: This is my first time in Israel!