Chapter Spotlight: University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University

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TAMID at University of Pennsylvania

Name: Andrew (Sruli) Fixler
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Economics (+ Urban Real Estate)
Internship Company: Homrun Group
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: Working at Homrun Group, it has been incredible to see firsthand their motto of “Doing Business with Israel, for Israel” come to life. Given the freedom to truly make a lasting impact on the company, I have enjoyed exploring their unique model of growing Israeli start-ups by tapping into new markets via connections made by passionate, zionistic North-American members. From demo days to daily pitch meetings, I have gained a unique perspective of the constantly-churning Israeli mind that is the driving force of this start-up nation. More than anything, from Shabbat experiences in Jerusalem to Thursday nights at Clara (or Lighthouse, or Shalvata…), TAMID has united an incredible group of kids who, together, are making this summer one to always remember.
Fun Fact: I’ve gone by my nickname “Sruli” until I started Penn. The two-name life is difficult, but two is better than one


Name: Sophie Rose
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): (+Consumer Psychology)
Internship Company: Scena
Internship Role: Marketing, Business Development, and PR
Awesome Experience: The TAMID Fellowship has been such an incredible experience so far. I spent a gap year studying in Jerusalem and have loved to see an entire different side of a country I know and love so much. TAMID has introduced me to the business perspective of Israel, introducing me to the endless drive, passion, and persistence of the Israeli business scene. My favorite experience so far has been the spontaneous moments / activities I have done with a couple of friends. For example, rather than bussing back from a TAMID program in Tel Aviv, a couple of friends and I rented bikes and biked along the boardwalk. Also, rather than simply hanging out on the beach, my friends and I have started to learn how to surf.
Fun Fact: I have over 1 million followers on Instagram!


Name: A.J. Sacks
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year:2019
Major (+Minor): Biology, Finance, Statistics
Internship Company: Israel Biotech Fund
Internship Role: Intern
Awesome Experience: This summer has been fantastic with great trips exploring Israel! I’ve enjoyed exploring Tel Aviv and running along the beach at sundown to see the beautiful sunsets and great running path along the beach. I’ve loved going to Jerusalem, eating Marzipan rugalach and seeing the old city, and having Shabbat at the Kotel. I’ve also loved playing basketball in Haifa and rafting in the north.
Fun Fact: I was on Sports Center top 10.

Name: Danielle Clanaman
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Statistics, Finance, Real Estate
Internship Company: Entrée Capital
Internship Role: Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: A couple of weeks ago, my boss gave me a crazy opportunity: I went to an Angel investors meeting on his behalf, pretending to be the new full-time analyst at our firm. As I sat through 6 pitches, which were mostly in Hebrew, a word kept coming up that I had never heard before. Tachlis. I later learned the meaning of this special word. Essence. And that really got the wheels turning. Just as the entrepreneurs struggled to explain and sell the essence of their startups, so too I’ve spent the past few months struggling to explain and sell the essence of TAMID. TAMID is experiential learning, love for Israel, friendship, exploration. TAMID is community.
Fun Fact: I tried Sabich for the first time this week! Amazing!


Name: Dan Cahana
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Finance, Entrepreneurship (Computer Science)
Internship Company: JVP
Internship Role: Venture Capital Summer Analyst
Awesome Experience: In my first week at JVP, my boss sent me to a Fintech Demo Day to source the newest batch of companies from one of Israel’s top accelerators. I got a taste of the amazing companies being founded in Israel every day, and even had founders seeking VC funding pitch their companies to me. It was such a great way to start my TAMID Fellowship experience.
Fun Fact: I once swam in a hot spring with the cast of College Humor


Name: ZX Zhang
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Networked and Social Systems Engineering
Internship Company: Taranis
Internship Role: Data Visualization Engineer
Awesome Experience: Every single bit of Israel is amazing! Despite all the conflicts within the region, the Israelis continue to be resilient, positive, and innovative. To me, Tel Aviv feels like any other buzzing modern city in the world. However, it sometimes worries me when I see planes flying really low in the sky. (Those hot female IDF soldiers on the street really calm me down and I hope to get to know more of them.)
Fun Fact: Outjew is now my favorite word.


Name: Ben Lewittes
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (+Economics)
Internship Company: Elevation Academy
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: My internship thus far has already provided me with valuable work experience for my professional career. Elevation Academy is looking to expand in the near future and I was tasked with conducting market research into various European cities. Recently, I presented my initial findings to the company and discussed the best strategies to enter these markets. I am really glad that the work I am doing is both beneficial for myself and for Elevation’s growth and success.
Fun Fact: I love the ocean: beach, scuba diving, fishing, etc.


Name: Noah Falk
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Finance and Political Science
Internship Company: Cukierman and Co. Investment House Ltd.
Internship Role: Investment Banking Analyst Intern
Awesome Experience: Working in Tel Aviv for the summer has been an incredible experience that I will remember for a long time to come. Being on the TAMID Fellowship has given me the opportunity to work in a unique professional environment, and the real responsibilities offered in my internship have allowed me to develop technical and communicative skills that I can use in the future.
Fun Fact: I like to have fresh fruit around the house and chocolate chips in my pancakes.


Name: Sol Scherban
University: University of Pennsylvania
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): International Relations
Internship Company: Engie
Internship Role: Intern
Awesome Experience: Really cool to have the opportunity to experience an amazing place, meet awesome people, and have a great job at Engie.
Fun Fact: I have a black belt in karate.


TAMID at Johns Hopkins University

Name: Sam Liebman
University: Johns Hopkins University
Graduating Year: 2017
Major (+Minor): Economics (+Entrepreneurship & Management)
Internship Company: Lool Ventures
Internship Role: Intern
Awesome Experience: The summer has been amazing so far. The kids on the program are intelligent, cool, and most importantly down to have fun. Tel Aviv has been a blast so far, whether its relaxing on the beach, exploring the nightlife, or watching the sunset from my balcony on a nightly basis. My internship has given me the opportunity to test the waters of the VC world and learn about everything it takes to become a successful venture capitalist. I have been given a wide array of assignments that have broadened my knowledge of VC, and have also been put in the position to add true value to Lool. In my short time here I have already worked on competitive landscapes, legal rights analyses, fundraising, deal flow, and more. I have attended high profile demo days organized by companies such as Microsoft, Barclays, and took part in numerous pitches from startups.


Name: Zanir Habib
University: Johns Hopkins University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Electrical Engineering (+Computer Science)
Internship Company: Airobotics
Internship Role: Market Research Analyst
Awesome Experience: The week I began my internship at Airobotics, the company had come out of stealth mode after two years of Research and Development. It was exciting to see how the company planned to position itself in the market. Due to the fast-paced nature of the work here, I truly feel I am contributing to the growth of the company.
Fun Fact: I have won a beauty pageant – official title is Mr. Asian Pacific Heritage Month 2015