Chapter Spotlight: Washington University and University of Miami

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Wash U group photo

TAMID at Washington University

Talia Laifer
Name: Talia Laifer
University: Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Internship Company: Cymbio
Internship Role: Sales and Marketing Intern
Awesome Experience: One of my absolute favorite experiences of the summer was praying before Shabbat in Nitzana, a little town in the middle of the desert. The sunset was perfect, it was so quiet and peaceful outside, and everyone felt so in the moment. So many moments like that have happened throughout the summer- we can all have so much fun together, but can also appreciate the peaceful nature of Shabbat together.
Fun Fact: I’m the second best ping pong player at my company?

Jonny Koralnik
Name: Jonny Koralnik
University: Washington University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Anthropology (+ Business + Psychology)
Internship Company: Boost Business Development
Internship Role: Sales and Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: This summer I learned about sales, experienced Israel with friends, and grew as a person.
Fun Fact: I love riding the bus in Israel!
Hannah Paige 1
Name: Hannah Paige
University: Washington University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Finance and Computer Science
Internship Company: Connecteam 
Internship Role: Business Development
Awesome Experience: The Tamid fellowship has been an amazing experience. The company I work for has taught me so much but has also helped me learn how to have fun while working. A day at Connecteam includes guitar jam sessions, nerf gun fights and a lot of laughs. More importantly, though, I’ve met so many amazing people who have taught me much more than my internship ever could have.
Fun Fact: I have a phobia of cats.

Vihar Desu

Name: Vihar Desu
University: Washington University
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Computer Science. Minors: Bioinformatics, Operations and Supply Chain Management
Internship Company: Terra Venture Partners
Internship Role: Investment Analyst
Awesome Experience: I’ve been fortunate to work with one of Terra’s portfolio companies, Augmedics. The start-up aims to bring X-Ray vision to spine surgeons through augmented reality glasses. It was amazing exposure to see a really fringe technology forming into something that could change the landscape of surgery. It was great working one on one with the CEO and getting to explore both the technical and trade watermarks of the company.
Fun Fact: Add me on Snapchat @ veeeeeee (8 e’s)

University: Washington University
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Psychology and Marketing
Internship Company: Reactful
Internship Role: Marketing Intern
Awesome Experience: Being apart of the TAMID network this summer has been really special. Before coming on the Fellowship, I didn’t realize the power of the TAMID network. Everyone here is so committed to TAMID’s mission, eager to share ideas, and help each chapter grow and overcome challenges. Even beyond the professional advancements, TAMID has been an incredible social network. It was incredible to see how quickly our amazing Fellowship community formed because of our shared passion for TAMID. I love spending time with my cohort and we’ve shared some awesome experiences, from listening to interesting speakers, to all getting together for a night of karaoke. It’s been so cool being involved in this network that I know will support me for many years to come.
Fun Fact: I had 5 wisdom teeth (now zero)

Richard McCant
Name: Richard McCants
University: University of Miami
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Accounting (Creative Advertising and Finance)
Internship Company: Parko
Internship Role: Operations Management Intern
Awesome Experience:Even though it was just the first weekend, the sunset over the ocean in Haifa is still a highlight. Anytime I visit Israel in the future, I’m going to be sure to take time to sit on the shore and watch the sun disappear over the horizon.
Fun Fact: I’ve sung in the National Cathedral


Name: Max Shevlin
University: University of Miami
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Finance and Economics
Internship Company: Arba Finance
Internship Role: Investment Analyst
Awesome Experience: Going to Israel for my first time through the Tamid Fellowship has been an awesome experience. Being able to enhance my professional experience while being in a country that I have always wanted to visit has truly been a dream come true. Working at Arba Finance as an Investment Analyst has allowed me to work with unique companies within the Israeli economy while being able to enhance my finance skills. From Jerusalem to Haifa, I have enjoyed exploring different areas throughout Israel while making memories with individuals that I plan on staying close with.
Fun Fact: I’m the only person the bus has waited for

Chet Montefering
Name: Chet Montefering
University: University of Miami
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor):Industrial Engineering (Economics)
Internship Company: Hub:raum Deutsche Telekom
Internship Role: Investment Analyst
Awesome Experience: The fellowship has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I have had the opportunity to meet so many intelligent and hardworking people from all over and really get an understanding of what TAMID represents. Living and working in such an interesting city has taught me a lot and has provided me with countless memories to cherish.
Fun Fact: I’m only filling this out because Steph won’t stop annoying me.
Name: Oleksiy Abramovsky
University: University of Miami
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Management, Finance
Internship Company: CrossBorder Venture
Internship Role: Business Development Intern
Awesome Experience: My whole experience on the Tamid Fellowship has been great. I am grateful for the friendships I have built with amazing people which are going to last forever. I am working at Crossborder venture, a leading online platform for investors and professionals all around the world which makes global real estate investment simple for all individuals of any financial stature. I have gained valuable experience while working at Crossborder; because our company does not have many employees and is still a startup, I saw how far the company has come just during the short two months that I had been working there, and I am very proud of that. I was in charge of Business Development at Crossborder. I tackled a number of challenges, such as integrating our platform with the Indian real estate market. Also, I worked on partnering Crossborder with a financial institution in the US to make the crowdfunding process for our investors to purchase real estate in the United States easier. Crossborder is a rapidly expanding platform. I am so pleased that I was given the opportunity to become an integral part of the company`s journey and gain such valuable working experience!
Fun Fact: I do not like falafel