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I met David Danesh through some mutual friends during my first month here at Boston University. Immediately, I was stunned with his enthusiasm, eagerness, and overall passion for Israel and TAMID Group. He blossomed in the company of others, possessing a passion for socializing and creating meaningful, interpersonal relationships. David told me all about the organization he started here on campus and urged me to apply during the Fall semester. Unfortunately, I had prior commitments that took away most of my free time and was unable to actually apply to be a part of TAMID until this year. Now that I am a part of this organization, I can see why David was so insistent.


Ever since my first venture whetted my appetite for business, I’ve developed an intense desire to immerse myself in the business system of my nation. The dynamic curriculum offered in TAMID allows students to challenge themselves academically and pursue an enduring intellectual adventure. This organization takes on a hybrid hands-on approach that unites the world of theory to the world of practice. TAMID is made up of a plethora of driven and passionate individuals that come from all over the nation, creating a diverse melting pot full of competent, involved, and motivated students. It is comprised of a versatile program that provides the flexibility to explore one’s academic passions, along with small class sizes to develop a personal relationship among peers. For example, the educational program within TAMID focuses on informing others about the Israeli economy and the contemporary trends contributing to the success of the nation.


TAMID has truly influenced me in ways I never imagined. This organization allowed me to further expand the boundaries of my intellectual curiosity by engaging myself with fellow students, faculty members, and the surrounding community. It has also given me an opportunity to refine my leadership instincts in the service of grander goals and embrace the organization’s vision of service to others. This can be seen through TAMID’s involvement with pro-bono consulting among Israeli startups and multinational companies. TAMID Group at Boston University has provided me with a world-class education and experiences that transcend the classroom, which will be useful for not only my time as a student, but the rest of my life.