TAMID at Maryland

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Hello from TAMID Group at Maryland,


This semester we are pleased to share exciting news regarding our 4 consulting projects, the fund, our Dalet class (4th annual member class), and lastly our emerging popularity on campus! As one of the 25 SUSA (Smith Undergraduate Student Association) organizations on campus, we are one of the select clubs available to all students on campus. With TAMID’s unique approach to working with Israeli start-ups, word has caught around on campus, and even reached the Dean of Undergraduate Students of the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Dean Victor Mullins. As we were tabling earlier in the fall, Dean Mullins reached out to our very own VP of Education Benjamin Dayanim and complimented our new shirts – which really shows how branding can go a long way! We are pleased to announce that Dean Mullins will be publishing an article about TAMID Group at Maryland in the coming weeks and we will be happy to share it with everyone then.


Our consulting teams are pleased to work with 4 new companies this year: Comeet, Seat Serve, Insights, and Splacer. All of our consulting projects have been very successful with weekly meetings and scheduled Skype calls or Google Hangouts with all of the company’s CEOs. With Splacer working to expand to the Washington, DC area, and Comeet working on its expansion to more companies in the United States, our interns have been hard at work and given the opportunity to do more than just research, but actually pitch the company and reach out to perspective clients.


The fund is currently analyzing two different companies, Mobileye and Caesarstone. The two teams are working to analyzing the competitive advantages of each company, and discuss the financial health.


In our new Dalet class, our 4th class, we are pleased to have brought on our most highly qualified class with very diverse backgrounds ranging from a junior biology major, to a freshman mechanical engineering major. We have come a long way since our founding on the Maryland campus in the fall of 2012, and hope to see our name spread all over campus, in hopes of being one of the most prestigious clubs our business school has to offer. Something we just started for our Dalet class is the incorporation of the new National Education Curriculum. In order to offer a more hands-on perspective when learning about startups, new members have been broken up into teams to develop their own companies throughout the semester. After each education session, teams apply what they have learned to their own companies in order to solidify their new skills while working toward TAMID Group at Maryland’s first Pitch Night — an opportunity for new members to pitch their startups to a panel of venture capitalists.


We are very excited with the progress TAMID Group at Maryland has made and excited to see where the future takes us!