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by Dani Abitbol

Here at Emory, there are multiple appeals to the TAMID club that bring in a variety new members- the startup knowledge, hands-on consulting experience, or even just an interest in Israel. More than that, TAMID at Emory is a select group of some of the most goal oriented and driven individuals at Emory with very different expectations of the club. I decided to be committed to TAMID among the many clubs I joined as an eager freshman and after two short semesters. I can confidently say I participated in a national case competition, consulted with a start-up in Tel Aviv and will be traveling to Tel Aviv on the fellowship this summer.


Throughout my first year, I was able to improve my knowledge of business through the new member education program and apply it to consulting or even interviews with companies for the summer fellowship. The moment where my TAMID education really connected was when I was asked to pitch the company to the same consultants of that company. To my own surprise, I was able to do so with ease through preparation from TAMID.


Our chapter also facilitated an Israeli Business and technology fair in collaboration with a variety of Emory clubs. We were able to meet with amazing startups that and try their products. My personal favorite was Zeekit, an app that allows the user to try on clothes from real online stores through the app. Through TAMID at Emory and the programming, I was able to see the huge impact small startups can have on the world and why Israel is the startup capital of the world.


In addition, the small consulting group projects give us the ability to gain the most profitable startup knowledge. Though we work in individual consulting groups, at each meeting the chapter as a whole was able to learn more about the company and its progress as well as suggestions for each group. This kind of dynamic within our chapter allows us to learn about our individual company’s growth (for me it was CrossBoarder), while learning about the other companies and their growth strategies. I am excited to bring all the experiences that I have gained to the fellowship this summer and beyond.