TAMID Pro Mission to Israel

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By: Max Heller, TAMID Pro Mission Leader


This summer, 10 TAMID Pro members from around the world convened in Israel for the first-ever TAMID Pro Mission. The group consisted of former TAMID national and campus leaders, as well as former TAMID Fellows going as far back as the summer of 2010. Participants came from across the US, Europe and Israel and work in a broad array of industries including tech, venture capital, private equity, consulting, international affairs and banking.


The participants spent five days on a whirlwind trip of the startup nation.  They met with entrepreneurs from some of Israel’s foremost companies such as Pitango, Lemonade and Jerusalem Venture Partners, spending time with innovators from the tech sector, social sector, and the Arab-Israeli community.  Participants had the chance to arrange their own meetings with current and potential partners, and spent considerable time talking through the potential of TAMID’s Pro community over late-night drinks and conversations with TAMID’s summer fellows.


TAMID fulfilled several goals through the mission. First, the trip allowed members of our TAMID Pro community to continue engaging closely with Israel and Israeli firms, setting the stage for future deal-making and ongoing collaboration. Indeed, several participants uncovered opportunities for their respective companies’ first-ever investment in or service contract with an Israeli firm.


Furthermore, the mission gave this group of dedicated TAMIDniks a chance to get to know one another. All participants are currently rising in the ranks in their respective industries, making the TAMID network an invaluable tool for them moving forward. The Pro Mission’s relatively small size and packed itinerary provided an ideal atmosphere for old friends to reconnect and new relationships to be forged around a common interest of maintaining a meaningful connection with Israel.


Beyond delivering value to participants, the Pro Mission also brings broader benefits to TAMID:

  • The 2017 TAMID Fellows had two evening events in Tel Aviv during which they were given time to network with the Pro Mission attendees, giving them access to an exemplary group of role models and industry mentors;
  • Pro Mission participants made commitments to playing increased roles within their local TAMID Pro communities upon returning from the trip;
  • Every Pro Mission participant made a meaningful financial contribution to TAMID in order to gain eligibility for the trip, continuing a tradition of giving back so that the organization can continue holding similar programs going forward.


Overall the 2017 TAMID Pro Mission was a resounding success and we look forward to having more Pro members travel to Israel together in the future!


TAMID would like to thank the generous contributions of the Paul E. Singer Foundation and an anonymous donor in sponsorship of the 2017 TAMID Pro Mission.