TAMID at University of Southern California

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Name: Alyssa Brill
University: University of Southern California
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Biomedical Engineering
Internship Company: Vayyar Imaging
Internship Role: Buisness Development/ Engineering Intern
Awesome Experience: The coolest thing I’ve gotten to do within my internship so far is help run some of the clinical trials for my company’s breast cancer detection device. I also get to learn more about 3D sensor technology as well as gain valuable experience on the business side of things. Aside from work, I have been getting hooked on surfing. A group of friends and I will run to the Tel Aviv beach and rent surfboards for 2 hours followed by treating ourselves to a refreshing avatiach (watermelon) popsicle!
Fun Fact: I haven’t eaten at any restaurant more than once yet- I want to try as many as possible!

Name: Beau Harper
University: University of Southern California
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Cs
Internship Company: Theneura
Internship Role: Developer
Awesome Experience: I’ve learned a lot of software engineering principles and building for scale.
Fun Fact: I grew up on a wolf reserve, so I spent most of my childhood around wolves

Name: Brit Stein
University: University of Southern California
Graduating Year: 2019
Major (+Minor): Business Administration
Internship Company: PwC
Internship Role: Tax Department Specialist
Awesome Experience: The PwC environment is extremely unique. On the one hand, everyone is extremely professional and working tirelessly to prepare tax returns for multimillion dollar corporations. It’s very particular and precise work; one mistaken grouping in a Trial Balance Sheet could result in a difference of millions of dollars. On the other hand, there is always a lot of laughter in the office – you can’t leave without ever eating a slice of cake or a handful of chocolates. The office is filled with happiness at the upcoming trips to America, weddings and baby showers. Everyone is always checking with mangers, associates, and even us interns to make sure that the office is a place where there is never a bad day. The major takeaway from my summer internship is not how to file tax returns or group assets versus liabilities (although both skills will help me tremendously in my Financial Accounting class next semester). What I will take back with me to Tamid, my university, and my professional work experience in the future is a complete sense of understanding at how a company culture of community and strong sense of values within the office differentiate an institution. I firmly believe that the PwC environment is what makes it the leading firm in tax services in Israel.
Fun Fact: I have eaten ice cream every single day in Israel.

Name: Anbar Aizenman
University: University of Southern California
Graduating Year: 2018
Major (+Minor): Economics (+ International Relations)
Internship Company: Shoresh Institution
Internship Role: Research Assistant
Awesome Experience: Listened to a fascinating presentation on the Syrian border regarding regional geopolitics and how they pertain to Israel. For my internship, I am gaining a better understanding of how key economic indicators compare between Israel and other OECD countries, and what the implications of this are.
Fun Fact: This is my first long term trip to Israel.