Win-Win for Israeli companies and their TAMID Fellows: Ashley’s experience at Plus972

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How can our TAMID Fellows not only gain meaningful work experience but also influence and impact the Israeli companies they work with? How can they directly contribute to companies’ growth? Ashley Miller’s story with Plus972 is a perfect example of just that and unfolds useful tips for future Fellows.


This year at TAMID Group, we will be celebrating our 11th summer of bringing top-tier interns to Israel through the Fellowship program. Last year, bringing Fellows to Israel was not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, this wasn’t an impediment for many candidates who were assigned to incredible remote internships with Israeli companies. One outstanding example can be seen in Ashley Miller’s remote internship at Plus972, which created an impact for her and for her company.


Originally from New Jersey, Ashley Miller is studying economics at Brandeis University where she is also the acting VP of Finance for the Brandeis TAMID chapter. Fueled with a passion for design and a desire to gain meaningful business development experience, she decided to join our Fellowship program remotely for the summer of 2020.


Plus972 office in Israel

Our matching system connected Ashley with Plus972, a known boutique and award-winning branding and marketing agency headquartered in NYC, with a clear connection to Israel. During the internship, Ashley played an important role in reaching out to relevant Israeli companies on behalf of Plus972 and their new office in Israel.


Her work included mapping and qualifying prospects, identifying relevant contacts, and generating an initial connection with them. She reached out to many companies in various industries, from real estate to luxury items, from hospitality to high-tech, from corporations to start-ups, and beyond. Essentially, she helped find Israeli companies who were looking to grow overseas with an empowered marketing strategy, branding and web presence, which is part of what Plus972 provides. While her internship started in June 2020 and ended in August – that’s not where this story ends.


The gift Ashley received from Plus972

Fast forward to January 2021, several months after her internship ended, Ashley was surprised to receive a box of cupcakes from Plus972, with a big “Thank you” note. Why? That same day Plus972 started a new project with a new client – a known Israeli brand that works all over the world – that Ashley herself had a hand in cultivating a relationship with during her time as an intern. In her own words – it definitely felt surprising, gratifying and rewarding to see these outcomes, knowing that her contributions helped achieve these results.


Through her Fellowship internship with Plus972, Ashley was able to gain substantial knowledge and hands-on experience with business development, as well as strengthen many soft skills which are imperative to be successful in today’s workplace. She also generated significant value to her employer in a short amount of time – while never stepping foot in their office or meeting in person due to COVID-19.


At TAMID, our objective is to help the startup nation’s business sector reach the next level by bringing the top, young talent with amazing ideas and lots of energy to like-minded organizations for a mutually beneficial experience with endless possibilities. Ashley’s story is just one example of many that exemplify how both interns and companies alike can benefit from TAMID Group’s programs.


Last, we asked Ashley to share her top 3 tips for future TAMID participants on campus and Fellows. Here’s what she had to share from her successful experience:


1. Don’t be afraid to take your own initiative: It doesn’t matter if you work in Marketing, AI, Programming, or whatever. Don’t hesitate to start doing things that you know will contribute to the company and your own personal working experience.


2. Not every idea will be good, but we still want to encourage sharing all the ideas anyways: Don’t be afraid to put your personal mark on the projects that you feel passionate about! With her confessed passion for the fashion industry, Ashley found many Israeli design companies also based in New York that could benefit from working with Plus972.


3. Be open with your boss about work impediments and personal concerns: It is important to communicate any roadblocks or issues that may come up throughout the internship. The same applies to personal concerns!

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