Finding Inspiration From Our TAMID Peers

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By: Danielle Weisfeld and Talia Laifer, TAMID at WashU


When I joined TAMID, I was so excited by the opportunity to be connected with and learn from Israeli professionals. However, I had no idea how much I would learn from being connected to other TAMIDniks. Being surrounded by a group of such passionate, driven and intelligent students has taught me the value of simply setting high goals for myself and fearlessly going after them. My peers in TAMID all embody the entrepreneurial spirit that took Israel by storm, seizing opportunities and working tirelessly until they achieve their goals. It was amazing to experience this fervor in Israel and to meet and network with so many other students who shared similar goals and visions. I didn’t realize that TAMID’s mission to train the future business leaders of the world was actually coming true until I experienced its impact firsthand, both in Israel and within our chapter at WashU.


Several of our members at TAMID at WashU have taken the knowledge they gained through TAMID, and applied it in their own business ventures. Our very own TAMID student entrepreneurs, Hannah Paige and Vihar Desu, shared what they learned in their personal business pursuits with our chapter at our 2016 Student Entrepreneurship Panel. Both Hannah and Vihar went on the 2016 Fellowship, and came back jumping right into their respective ventures. Hannah, co-owner of Washu’s favorite candy store, Bear-y Sweet Shoppe, and Vihar, co-owner of WashU’s brand new hair salon, Bear Cuts, shared with us their motivations behind working on a business while in school, overcoming challenges, and how to balance school and business. It was a unique experience to share with our new members how much these Aleph Class members have gained within their first year of TAMID. It is very exciting to be able to proudly voice the successes our members have found both on and off campus. Our entrepreneurship panel has encouraged our members to take on leadership roles within TAMID, and to explore the possibilities beyond their roles as students. My fellow TAMIDniks’ inspiring experiences left us all with the promising advice that although there’s never a “right” time to chase an idea, you just need to start somewhere, and you never know where it’ll take you!