Life Is About Experiences

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By Harrison Schwartz, TAMID at Florida State


Have you ever told someone how to do something and they respond with “Oh

thanks. How’d you know how to do that?” Usually a response will follow with “I’ve

done it before”. Getting out there, getting your feet wet, exposing yourself is the

most important thing young minds like the members of TAMID can do, and it’s the

best thing that TAMID does. These experiences help us mature, these experiences

make us smarter.


This summer I was fortunate enough to have an internship in New York with

an expense management app for small business. It was the end of April during finals

week when I got the job and I can’t stress enough how this is entirely owed to

TAMID. Don’t get me wrong I’m charismatic, smart, outgoing; I crushed the

interview but it was all of the things I was able to talk about, the things I had done

with TAMID, it was the experiences that I had that got me the job. I was able to talk

about how I was a founding member of TAMID at Florida State, how those

experiences starting a club were similar to those of starting a business. It was the

companies I had consulted with and how we recommended different solutions for

their needs. It was how surprised the HR woman that was interviewing me was that

TAMID and the work we were doing was directly benefiting the Israeli economy. It’s

the intangible things about TAMID that make the difference down the road. These

are the things I stress to new members of TAMID at FSU and to potential new

members around campus. So to any current or future Directors of

Branding/Recruiting I urge you to do the same. These experiences that we get under

our belts make us better, smarter, more prepared for the real world than any other

club on campus possibly could. The education any student can get from being a

member of TAMID is priceless.


The experience that doesn’t need experience; TAMID! These days the

internships that we want are the ones that aren’t getting coffee and filing papers.

Employers always ask “What have you done” and the end of the day it’s not easy to

get started and have something legitimate to say. So one question I would ask myself

is “How do I get experience, if the experience that I need, requires me to have

experience?!” (I know the word experience is getting redundant I’m breaking all

sorts of TAMID blog records). Well to me the answer is simple, TAMID! TAMID takes

your resume and your skills to that next level. TAMID is the game changer; TAMID

has the potential to be “the” club on campuses all across the country. As the Director

of Branding, the future I envision is one where our brand is viewed as the best way

to take that next step in becoming ready for the real world, synonymous with

success. As I conclude I want to leave you with some food for thought. This was my

real life story of how TAMID changed my life, so I ask:


Am I all that different from you?