Revamping TAMID at Cornell

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By: Mira Schildkraut, TAMID at Cornell


This semester of TAMID has been so exciting, as the executive board has been working tremendously hard to revamp our chapter. We’ve had two consulting projects, for companies Funnster and Pauzzative Life, each with extremely devoted project teams. The finance sector of the club has also shown a lot of promise, as an investing competition on Investopedia’s Stock Simulator has been established, and every member of the chapter has been invited to participate. Another exciting change has been the chance to have assistant directors for e-board positions and consulting teams. These new positions will provide members with a potential path to e-board, and this addition of leadership will facilitate the continual growth of the club.


The most powerful change, however, has been the new cohesiveness of our club. After high school, I knew I would want to continue pursuing my passion for business. As I am not enrolled in the business school at Cornell, I felt it was important to find and join the best business club for me. When I attended Club Fest as a Freshman, it was hard to distinguish between all the finance and consulting clubs. However, having visited my brother on the TAMID fellowship the summer before freshman year, it was evident that TAMID was different from the rest. Over the summer, I saw first-hand that TAMID is not only a finance and consulting club but also a welcoming community filled with smart, incredible people. Last year, TAMID at Cornell was not the chapter I had imagined it to be, but the e-board has completely turned the club around. This semester, an emphasis has been placed on attendance at general body meetings and everyone in the club getting to know each other. It’s made a huge difference to be able to chat with everyone before different sectors split off as well as attend events for club members outside of the meetings. With our most competitive semester of recruitment to date, a growing e-board, major improvements to consulting, finance, and education, there is no doubt that the best is still to come.