TAMID: The Best College Decision

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By: Michael R. Wald, TAMID at Penn State


TAMID has truly been one of the best college decisions of my life. This organization has afforded me countless professional, social, and life experiences. When first attending Penn State’s new student orientation (NSO) every student, faculty member, and academic advisor constantly said “when attending a large state school you need to find a way to make a big school small”, and this is precisely what the TAMID group has given me.  

With the career fair and internship/ job interviews being a very real and pressing matter in many college students minds’, including myself, having the professional organization as TAMID in my back pocket to talk about at a moment’s notice is a priceless asset. Being a student in the Smeal School of Business at Penn State majoring in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship one of the first questions asked immediately following a firm and professional handshake is “what professional and leadership experience do you have?” Instantaneously I am equipped with my elevator pitch of being the marketing/branding representatives of the Penn State chapter of TAMID. Not only does this interests interviewers, demonstrates value, and shows preparation, but it also gives me the opportunity to set myself apart from the herd. Being affiliated with such a large professional organization with such a strong alumni base is undoubtedly a tremendous resource.  


In this technology savvy day and age an absolutely critical skill is networking. This skill no longer only entails connecting face-to-face with relatives, family friends, acquaintances, and unfamiliar people, but one must have a strong personal Internet brand. One of the best professional websites for networking is LinkedIn. Having the connection with The TAMID Group Network not only opened a window but also opens multiple doors to possible employment opportunities. However, I do not mean to minimize the incredible face-to-face networking opportunities TAMID offers. I personally have not participated in the fellowship or TAMID Con, but I have heard through fellow board members theses are incredible experiences. The fellowship and TAMID Con allows you the opportunity to work alongside like-minded extremely motivated students from a diverse group of universities that one would never have otherwise come in contact with. I firmly believe that it would be impossible for one to place a monetary figure on the value that TAMID offers to its members.


As I previously said one of the most important things to do at a large university is to make a big school small. TAMID not only offered me the professional aspect but it has also allowed me to build strong connections and an impactful friend group. Being a freshman at a university with roughly eighty-five thousand undergraduate students can be terrifying and overwhelming. Not only is it important to find friends, but also it is extremely important to find friends that will foster a sense of individuality, a strong work ethic, and will challenge you intellectually. Joining TAMID has allowed me to find friends that truly embody these characteristics.
If I could impart some advice to incoming freshmen or students that are not as active in extracurricular as they would like to be, never shy away from a leadership opportunity because not only will it sound good on a resume but it will also allow you to grow as a person. TAMID is truly an incredible organization that not only combines exceptional business learning opportunities, but also has amazing people allow one to build lasting friendships. I will always recommend TAMID to anyone looking for an organization to join.