TAMID at UCLA: A Pitch to Believe

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By: Vidya Krovvidi, TAMID at UCLA


It was a good pitch to begin with – Experiential learning through business in Israel.

When I first heard about TAMID, I knew it was a unique organization. And that’s saying

something. As a university with more than 40,000 students and over 1000 student clubs and

organizations. UCLA is home to a number of investing, consulting and business-oriented

clubs. Even within that range of activities and interests, TAMID stood out. As a consulting

and investing club that focussed on business coming out of Israel, TAMID fills a niche on

campus that no one else thought to fill.


And it was a niche I saw value in. As an Indian from Singapore, I knew it was

important to engage with different cultures and learn from new points of view. My own

worldview was largely informed by the South and South-east Asian perspectives until I got

on a flight and traveled halfway around the planet to Los Angeles for college. From all-day

breakfast diners to liberal arts to American politics, I found myself exposed to situations and

ways of thinking that I wouldn’t have otherwise gained without UCLA. In short, it was

exactly why I chose to come to UCLA for my college experience. In pushing myself out of my

comfort zone and learning from experiences and challenges that I wouldn’t otherwise have,

my own views about the world became more informed and discerning. That’s why when I

heard about TAMID, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.


Still, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew about Israel in context of its

strength in entrepreneurship and startups and I could prepare for the consulting and

investing components, but I didn’t know how TAMID would approach the intersection

between the two or how I should either. I went to the information session, filled out my

application and gave my interview. All throughout, returning members were encouraging

and enthusiastic about answering our questions. They told us about their experiences with

TAMID, interacting with other chapters, and even going to Israel through the Fellowship

program. At our first meeting, I knew TAMID was going to be an extremely interesting club

to be a part of. From an overview of an education component, to the first steps of a startup

simulator, to a presentation that introduced us to life and business in Israel.


Our journey with TAMID has just begun. Already, I’ve been exposed to new ideas and

opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. From an education component that

emphasizes entrepreneurship, to joining a TAMIDwide case competition, to the chance to

apply for a Fellowship that might take some of us to actually visit and work with Israel,

TAMID has widened my sphere of awareness and engagement. A new learning experience, a

network of members, an informed perspective on tech businesses coming out of Israel –

and I only just joined. Reflecting on my engagement with the club makes me enthusiastic

about what’s next – the best experiences are still to come.